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  • The November Quickie Challenge

    What is The November Quickie Challenge

    Do 20 yoga classes + 3 add-ons in 30 days (1st - 30th November 2023).

    Put a sticker on the challenge board in studio to record your progress after every class/add-on.

    Why get involved?

    We know you’re busy. So we’re giving you all the satisfaction with minimal time commitments 😉

    The November Quickie Challenge builds consistency with little pick-me-ups along the way to feel stronger, sleep better, be more resilient, grounded, focussed, have more energy, and stress less.

    What better way to head into silly season?

    What is included in the challenge?

    Unlimited yoga classes and add-ons at Hot Dog Yoga for the period.

    Add-ons run for 15 minutes with the exception of an ice bath and take place 5 minutes before/after specified yoga classes. You can attend both the yoga and the add-on or either/or, with the exception of the ice bath (highly recommend the 9.30am 35⁰C Slow Flow prior to get the full benefits of the fire & ice immersion).


    Saturday 4th November 9.10-9.25am Sound bath with Thana

    Monday 6th November 6.10-6.25am Breathwork with Rachel

    Sunday 12th November 10.35am (approximately 45 mins, depending on number of people) Breathwork, Meditation and Ice bath with Alex from @authenticeity

    Tuesday 14th November 9.10-9.35am Sound bath with Jacqueline

    Saturday 18th November 5.05-5.20pm Guided meditation with Sam

    Wednesday 22nd November 11.55am-12.10pm Tea meditation with Vanessa

    Sunday 26th November 3.40-3.55pm Handstand drills with Leo

    Thursday 30th November 8.20-8.35pm Yoga nidra with Jacqueline

    What is the investment?

    • $50 for Hot Dog Yoga members. Buy the add-on here or in studio. Please note, you will need to log into Mindbody with an account that has an active membership to purchase this add-on. If it doesn't let you purchase it the first time, please click on the link, log in, come back and click on the link again.
    • $250 for non-members. The only way to get a monthly pass at Hot Dog Yoga.

    Do I get anything for finishing?

    Your renewed self and the accomplishment are the best rewards! But also, everyone who completes the challenge will receive a prize perfect for Summer.

    How to get the most of your challenge

    • Book in your classes for the week. This makes you accountable.
    • Pack your bag with your yoga gear, a towel and water the night before.
    • Just show up. Remember there’s always modifications and options to suit how you are feeling that day.
    • Encourage a friend to do it with you. It’s easier to stay on track and you can still have a social life for the month.
    • If you don’t complete the challenge, that’s still a lot of mindfulness for the month and you’ll feel amazing! Don’t be discouraged, it’s called a challenge for a reason! Learn from it and try again next time.