Class Styles

Vinyasa flow

Vinyasa flow


Our signature class is a moderately-paced flow incorporating intelligent, creative sequencing to progress to a peak posture.

Every class is kept interesting with diverse sequences that inspire playful curiosity while maintaining an awareness of the breath and a focus on alignment.

This mindful flow will challenge you physically and mentally, allowing you to walk away feeling stronger, energized, balanced and light!

Open to all levels, beginners will be offered modifications, while seasoned yogis can explore depth in their practice.

Slow flow

Slow flow


Slow and steady in its intensity, flow through a full practice incorporating all categories of asanas (yoga postures).

Designed to build strength, flexibility, stamina and balance, this class will detoxify the body and build mental resilience.

Open to all levels, not suitable during pregnancy due to the high temperature.

Power flow

Power flow


A fast-paced flow where the prime focus is on the physical.

Focused on building and engaging core strength, this class will target the abdominal, side waist and back muscles, while firing up the glutes, testing cardiovascular and mental endurance.

Expect it to be sweaty, dynamic and intensely satisfying.

Open to practitioners who have previous yoga experience, not suitable during pregnancy after the first trimester.

Mellow flow

Mellow flow


A restorative flow – this moving meditation is the ideal complement to our active classes.

It starts with pranayama (breathing techniques) to bring awareness to the breath. A gentle flow with basic postures to promote circulation of prana (energy) melts into long holds facilitating deep release, eventually coming to rest in a guided meditation.

Emerge feeling grounded, calm, rejuvenated and with clarity of mind.

With enough movement to satisfy the physical body, perfectly balanced with stillness to cultivate a meditative, introspective state, this class is suitable for all and is particularly recommended to anyone experiencing stress.

Beginner flow

Beginner flow


A slower-paced flow to build the foundations of your yoga practice.

With a focus on alignment and instruction in a safe and supported environment, this class is perfect for those who are beginning their yoga journey, those who are returning back to their practice and those who wish to fine-tune their knowledge of the basics.

The recurring, on-going syllabus covers the following:
Week 1: Breath, sun salutations and warriors
Week 2: Standing and balancing poses
Week 3: Backbends and twists
Week 4: Hip openers and forward bends
Week 5: Core and inversions

Practitioners can start during any week and can repeat the syllabus as many times as they would like.

Class FAQ

  • Existing injuries and concerns

    Please let us know before class if you have an injury or concern so we can discuss how to modify your practice to give you the most out of class.

  • Pregnancy

    Soon-to-be mamas are welcome at our Vinyasa flow, Beginner flow and Mellow flow classes. Please let your teacher know before class and he/she will be able to offer appropriate modifications. However, it is important that you have consulted your medical professional prior to commencing yoga practice with us.

  • It’s my first time at Hot Dog Yoga

    Yoga newbies are encouraged to attend Beginner flow classes which will provide a solid foundation and equip you with the knowledge and experience to join any of the other classes. That said, the Vinyasa flow, Slow flow and Mellow flow classes are open to all as various options will be offered.

    When you decide to come along for your first class, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes early to check in and familiarise yourself with the space and your teacher. If possible, don’t have a large meal 2-3 hours before class and arrive well hydrated. Wear light clothing that will allow a full range of movement like leggings, shorts, crop tops and singlets. Bring your own water or drinks are available for purchase from reception.

  • Children and minors

    Children aged 12 or over are to attend with a parent or guardian. Anyone aged 16 or over are welcome to attend solo.

  • Specials for Yoga teachers

    Professional yogis can purchase a casual class for $20 or a 10 class pass for $180 in studio. The 10 class pass is valid for 6 months from first class. Proof of professional membership/teaching schedule required when purchasing.