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  • The Hot Dog Yoga Studio

    Heated Room

    The yoga room is heated to allow the body to lengthen and stretch safely and to also aid detoxification. Hot Dog Yoga uses energy efficient Far Infrared Technology (FIR) which radiates the same rays found in sunlight but don’t cause sunburn or any skin damage. The rays penetrate deep into the body, generating multiple benefits including increased blood circulation, higher levels of oxygen and white blood cells, while also stimulating the production of collagen.

    The yoga room has also been designed with a state-of-the-art ventilation system to support our heating with fresh, clean air.

    Please see our in-depth class styles for details on specific temperatures during each class.


    We provide Manduka mats from California that have been developed for use in a commercial setting.

    Our mats are made of non-toxic, 100% latex free material. The material has a hygenic closed-cell surface that prevents sweat from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria. They have high-density cushion for joint protection and unmatched support. The mats are also environmentally friendly - manufactured using an emissions-free process.

    For the first few classes, the mat will feel slightly slippery. Feel free to bring / rent / buy a towel to reduce slipping. If you would prefer to use your own mat you are welcome to bring it along.


    Bathrooms are equipped with luxurious, all natural body wash, shampoo and conditioner, as well as hairdryers.

    Towels are available to rent from reception. Please leave used towels in the baskets provided.

    Lockers are provided for your personal belongings.

    Studio Etiquette

    Please check-in at reception before all classes.

    Please arrive 15 minutes before class to give yourself enough time to get ready. If you have not checked in 5 minutes prior to class, your place may be given away to waitlisted students. Doors will lock at class start times for security.

    There are no phones or shoes in the yoga room.

    Out of respect for the other practitioners in the room, please observe silence while in the yoga room.

    We ask you to stay for the entire class unless absolutely necessary. If at any time, you feel overwhelmed, we encourage you to lie down on your mat to rest and re-join the practice when you feel ready.