A Yoga Sequence for Happy Hips

Tension and stress get stored in the body resulting in tight body parts. In yoga, the hips are thought to be where negative emotions are stored. So, releasing them, while physically, mentally and energetically good for you, may be an intense experience. Be patient and gentle with yourself; go slow. The surfaced emotion may feel like a weight has been lifted – and don’t be surprised if this is accompanied by tears! Try this 45 minute hip-py flow (especially if you’re a runner or sit at a desk/in a car most of the day) and let us know how you feel after.

  1. child’s pose -> downward facing dog -> ragdoll -> sun salutation A x3

  2. 3 legged dog -> open hip -> warrior 1 -> humble warrior -> warrior 2 -> reverse warrior -> vinyasa -> other side

  3. 3 legged dog -> open hip -> low lunge -> pyramid pose -> reverse skandasana -> low skandasana -> extended side angle -> half moon pose -> warrior 2 -> reverse triangle pose -> triangle pose -> reverse warrior -> vinyasa -> other side

  4. 3 legged dog -> open hip -> wild thing -> 3 legged dog -> long lunge -> gecko pose -> bend back knee for quad stretch -> slide front foot across for half pigeon -> sweep back leg over for cow face pose -> downward facing dog -> other side

  5. Sitting down for bound angle pose -> lying down for happy baby -> corpse pose