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  • Get to know the Instructors - Jamila

    Our lovely Jamila comes from a family of yogis but discovered her own path - specialising in the fields of Tantric Hatha, Vedic philosophy and Somatic artistic expression. As a lover of dogs and almond croissants, she fits in well with the HDY team and has the hidden talents of being a jazz singer! Find out more about her below:

    Why you became a yoga teacher:

    For love, the love within, the love of every crease crevice and curve of the body, and the love around given, shared & received. It all comes back to love.

    It’s a passionate dance of service and gratitude to the yoga journey which has given me the purest of all loves and that is what I want to show people - how to experience that for themselves, to tenderly reveal people to themselves.

    Favourite pose and why:

    Shiva Natarajasana (Dancer pose) - a glorious heart opener which teaches us to be stable yet at ease, centred yet not attached. When we embody the nature of this pose we explore a certain centred devotional awareness of our inner and outer worlds, there is a sense of unveiling our brilliance and offering our heart. At a deeper level it symbolises change and evolution as Shiva dances in a cosmic wheel of samskara representing our cycles of birth & death that burns away the things that bind us so for me I love this pose and sense of liberation as we are invited to release and be reborn.

    What you’re doing when you’re not at yoga:

    Singing, working on music or drawing hands in my sketchbook.

    Favourite quote:

    “You are the universe in ecstatic motion” RUMI

    Favourite dog breed:

    Black Siberian Husky

    Guilty pleasure:

    Almond croissants and Truffle French fries!