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  • Hot Dog Yoga’s classes – decoded!

    All you need to help you understand the difference between our class styles… in an easy to read format!

    Vinyasa flowSlow flowPower flowMellow flowFundamental flow
    DescriptionOur signature class incorporating intelligent, creative sequencing to progress to a peak postureA full practice incorporating all categories of asanas (yoga postures)A strong cardio class focussed on building and engaging core strengthOur version of yin incorporating pranayama (breathing techniques), gentle flows, juicy stretches and a guided meditation A class with a recurring, on-going syllabus to build the foundations of your yoga practice
    Suitable for beginners?YesYesNoYesYes - this is the perfect class for beginners
    Suitable during pregnancy?Yes - just let the teacher know so he/she can give modificationsNo - due to the heatYes - during the first trimester onlyYes - just let the teacher know so he/she can give modificationsYes - just let the teacher know so he/she can give modifications
    ExpectA mindful flowA sweaty, detoxing flowA good workoutA gentle, relaxing, moving meditationAn alignment-based flow in a supported environment

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