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  • How to avoid silly season weight gain

    For most of us, Christmas and its festivities revolve around consuming tasty food and drinks with colleagues, friends and family. Between work Christmas parties, Christmas lunch or dinner, edible presents and not following our normal routines during the holidays, it is so easy to gain weight. Here are our 3 favourite ways to avoid getting that extra baggage while still enjoying yourself. After all, it is Christmas…

    1. Watch your alcohol intake Alcohol is loaded with sugar and empty calories, so go easy on the drinks. When you do drink alcohol, choose a soda mixer with a piece of fresh lime to have with your spirits and drink water in between each alcoholic drink. This will help to keep you hydrated, feel fuller thus less likely to overeat and prevent hangovers, which will mean that you are more likely to follow tip #2 below.

    2. Stick to a routine Keep to a regular routine and not skip early morning exercise because you have had a late night. Go for walks if the weather allows, or go to the hot yoga studio to detox if it’s rainy.

    3. Don't Waste Your Calories Rather than eating whatever crosses your path mindlessly, make a concerted effort to only use your calories with foods that you actually really love. Avoid the chips and cheap lollies and enjoy the seafood platter served later.