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  • How to stay motivated over winter

    Winter is the perfect time to do hot yoga. There are far less events on and there’s nothing more inviting than walking into a warm room when it’s freezing cold outside. Who doesn’t love to hang out in a warm room even if all you do is savasana for an entire hour? Here are some tips to keep you in momentum as the days start to shorten:

    1. Organise your week
      Figure out when you can fit classes into your schedule and book them in. Attending a morning class before work can help to ensure that you show up rather than coming to the end of the day when you may get stuck at work or are too exhausted. Alternatively, go to the studio straight after work rather than home first helps (we all know how comfy those PJs are…)

    2. Prepare yourself
      Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. We think he was talking about getting to yoga! So, to make your morning non-negotiable, pack your gear the night before (luckily there isn’t much to pack as Hot Dog Yoga provides mats and toiletries). Get your breakfast and lunch prepped, lay out your yoga clothes and fill your water bottle. Have a small heater in the bedroom for when you wake up, or even better, set it to auto turn on before you wake up. This way, you’re much less likely to hit snooze.

    3. Attend with a friend
      It definitely helps to have someone there holding you accountable, someone who is going to push you along. After all, the hardest part is getting to the studio!

    4. Mix it up
      Keep your classes fresh by trying new teachers and styles. Need a bit of cardio? Try a Power Flow class. Feeling run down? Our Mellow Flow class is perfect.

    5. Set yourself a challenge
      Make sure your goal is attainable, but more difficult than you think you will be able to accomplish. As you’re going through your challenge, reward yourself to mini-treats e.g. a smoothie or a massage.

    6. Focus on how you’ll feel afterwards
      Who doesn’t love that feeling you experience after a great class? You’re energised, focused and ready to take on the world. At the other end of the scale, how do you feel when you press snooze on the alarm and then it’s 6.15am and the class started at 6am. You’ve missed your workout for the day for an extra 30 minutes sleep and then you feel guilty for the entire day! Use the discomfort of regret to get you motivated.

    7. Aim for consistency not perfection
      Striving for perfection always leads to failure and disappointment because no one is perfect. These feelings undermine motivation. However, aiming for and achieving consistency leads to success and feelings of mastery. This in turn leads to increased motivation.

    8. Purchase new yoga clothes
      Go out and treat yourself to something new. We know that’s not what yoga is about but why not if it motivates you and you feel comfortable and fabulous!