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    Yes, yoga isn’t about the poses however it’s hard to share the inner journey on a platform like Instagram without posting a photo of something. We don’t have a problem with Instagram if the photo of a headstand split motivates someone to start moving, strengthening and stretching. In fact, Instagram has been great in creating a community which IS what yoga is about. Try hash tagging #yogaeverydamnday and see for yourself. So… which yogis do we follow?

    • Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl — (photo above) – Author of Yoga Girl, this Swedish yogini takes yoga from the mat and onto a paddle board! Definitely the most popular yogi on Instagram, one of her posts can command a $25k fee!
    • Honza and Claudine Lafond @yogabeyond — This power couple put the partner practice of acroyoga on the map. Their account is a solid mixture of shots from their around the world teacher trainings, impressive acro-asanas, and their new baby girl.
    • Jessica Olie @jessicaolie — A Dubai based teacher with insane flexibility is the author of the “Lets Start Yoga” ebooks and her outfits are always on point. After terminating her contract with Alo Yoga, there are rumours she may be starting her own line of clothes!
    • Patrick Beach @patrickbeach — Be astounded by his strength! Being eye candy with the gentlest personality doesn’t hurt either.
    • Laura Kaperzak @laurasykora — This famous yogini mom got viral when she posted yoga pictures with her kids, most of the time in matching outfits.
    • Kino MacGregor @kinoyoga — One of the most prominent Ashtanga teachers, how she manages to do advanced poses in little bits of fabric amazes us, but not as much as how she is ALWAYS smiling!
    • Kerri Verna @beachyogagirl — Like Kino, she’s an advanced Ashtangi too. However, she still remains accessible, hosting monthly challenges for yogis of all skill levels. Her dog / assistant is the best!
    • Amanda Bisk @amandabisk — Former Australian Olympic pole-vaulter turned yogi, her account has tonnes of motivation, fitness tips, advice and yoga pictures.
    • Kathy @kathy0805 — As a ballerina yogi, she gracefully floats into handstands with so much ease, even when heavily pregnant!
    • Kathyn Budig @kathrynbudig — This down to earth yogi shares her personal life, recipes and good humour too, not just pretty yoga poses.

    Which other Instagram yogi inspires you? Let us know below.