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  • Meditation tips for beginners

    Meditation: We all want to do it, we know we should be doing it, the benefits are widely touted everywhere, but somehow…we just don’t meditate.

    If you always wanted to meditate, but don’t know where to start, our tips below will get you going. It’s not scary or complicated. It’s as simple as sitting down, closing your eyes and being still.

    • Think of meditation as muscle training – start slow e.g. a 3-minute meditation and build up from there.
    • Set an alarm to do it at the same time each day. Make time for it just like your favourite TV show and it will soon become routine. An ideal time is first thing in the morning so nothing holds you up or you’re too tired.
    • Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. While a dedicated meditation space is nice, at the start it’s just for a few minutes so find a chair, the floor, a bed… anything really.
    • Focus on your breath. Notice where it feels strongest. It might be the rise and fall of the belly, the expansion and contraction of the lungs or the cool or warm air flowing through your nostrils. Wherever the breath feels strongest, bring your attention to that point and concentrate on it fully. Follow the breath all the way in to the end of your inhale and all the way out to the end of your exhale.
    • You’re not expected to stop your thoughts. Your mind will wander and that’s perfectly normal. When thoughts or feelings arise, just notice them and let them go, returning to your breath. Don’t judge yourself for drifting.
    • If the tips above still make meditation daunting, try a guided meditation – there are a few free apps available, our favourites being Headspace, Calm and 1 Giant Mind