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  • The best yoga mats

    At Hot Dog Yoga, we provide complimentary use of our yoga mats so you can arrive light and leave even lighter. But what if you prefer to practice on your own mat and are confused about the different kinds (and prices) of yoga mats out there? Here are our picks of the best brands:

    • Best non-slip: Jade

      This mat has incredible grip - you won’t slide on this, even if you practice hot yoga. The harmony mat is 5mm and at 2.2kg, is lighter than most other good quality mats of similar thickness. You can go thicker or thinner with the fusion (8mm) and travel (3.5mm) mats. Made in the USA with natural rubber, it does have a smell that takes a while to get used to though and the mats do wear out eventually.

    • Best longevity: Manduka

      The brand we use at Hot Dog Yoga. There’s a reason why yoga instructors and studios choose Manduka. The denser, thick (6.5mm for the pro) yoga mat has unparalleled comfort and cushioning and a superior fabric-like finish to prevent slipping. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee so while it’s an upfront financial investment, it’s definitely worth it. The big downside is at 3.6kg, it is not the most portable.

    • Prettiest: Yoga Design Lab (pictured above)

      Definitely the most appealing of the lot. Absorbent sueded microfiber (made of recycled plastic bottles!) bonded to a natural tree rubber base means you no longer have to bring a towel and a mat around. Best of all, it’s machine-washable! The Combo Mat, at 3.5mm, is not the most cushioned though. If you’re a sweaty betty, get a good compromise by purchasing the mat towel (in the same gorgeous designs as the mats) at Hot Dog Yoga for use on our Manduka mats!

    • Affordable: Lululemon

      The 5mm mat is available in a huge range of colours and has good cushion support. It’s reversible which suits different mat texture preferences. It provides decent grip and at $79, it’s definitely bang for buck.